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Wood Lacquers
Auto Refinish Paints
Leather Finishing Lacquers
Nail Varnishes
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  Product Grades

Nitrocellulose Grade Nitrogen Content Viscosity
HX 3/5 High Extra Low
HX 5/8 High Extra Low
HX 8/13 High Extra Low
HX 20/30 High Extra Low
HX 30/50 High Extra Low
HL 25/45 High Low
HL 120/170 High Low
HM 10/25 High Medium
HM 40/60 High Medium
LX 3/5 Low Extra Low
LX 5/8 Low Extra Low
LX 8/13 Low Extra Low
LX 30/50 Low Extra Low
MX 3/5 Medium Extra Low
MX 5/8 Medium Extra Low
MX 8/13 Medium Extra Low
MX 30/50 Medium Extra Low

Product Benefits
  • Superior clarity
  • Guaranteed consistency and quality
  • Choice of nitrogen grades
  • Choice of viscosities
  • Easy to handle
  • Convenient packaging and storage options
  • On-going research and development