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Well known for imparting high gloss, hard film, ease of application and quick drying.

High nitrogen, high viscosity grades of Nitrex nitrocellulose are used to formulate specialist paints for refinish and repair within the automotive industry. We offer a high quality nitrocellulose with superior flexibility, demonstrating outstanding functionality, excellent value for money and manufactured and handled with a high standard of safety. Our nitrocellulose delivers genuine competitive advantages.

Our nitrocellulose products offer excellent compatibility, which means they can be combined with a wide variety of other binders.

The excellent optical properties of our products help manufacture paints with tightly-controlled color shades. The Nitrex range spans a wide variety of viscosities, so that you can choose the exact grade needed for the type of material and the surface coating desired.

The Nitrex range of nitrocellulose can be delivered either in alcohol or water.

Coatings HX 3/5, HX 5/8, HX 8/13, NX 2Q/30 HX 30/50
Primers HX 30/50, HL 25/45
Putty HM 10/25

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