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Provides gloss, fast drying capability and good adhesion to many substrates. Most gravure and flexographic inks for the packaging industry use nitrocellulose.

Nitrex nitrocellulose is a key component in many ink formulations. Its importance stems from its excellent solvent release and compatibility with a wide range of other additives. These include plasticisers, pigments and resins which are added to the ink to give the right combination of properties for the intended application.

Nitrex is a market leader in the supply of high quality, low viscosity grades of nitrocellulose for the ink industry with a recognised strength in alcohol soluble grades. Printing inks and paper lacquers with a high odourless solvent content are much in demand inthe packaging industry and in flexographic printing, where it is important that solvents do not attack the rubber blankets used in this process.

  • Nitrex nitrocellulose LX 3/5 is a special low viscosity grade that:
  • Allows maximum solids loading in formulations;
  • Increases solids loading by a maximum of 30% compared with ordinary grades;
  • Demonstrates superior alcohol solubility;
  • Allows high odourless solvent content;
  • Achieves more effective milling due to higher pigment ratio;
  • Provides good thermoplastic properties and consistent high quality product.

Benefits of LX 3/5

Flexographic & Rotogravure LX3/5, LX5/8, LX8/13, HX3/5, HX5/8, HX8/13, MX 3/5

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