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  Product Benefits

Superior clarity Guaranteed consistency and quality
Solutions made with Nitrex nitrocellulose are exceptionally clear, dramatically improving the quality of the final product. We use stringent quality control and batch production methods to help us meet increasingly high performance and quality standards demanded by modern industry and consumers. Know more

Choice of nitrogen grades Choice of viscosities
The nitrogen content of Nitrex nitrocellulose is carefully graded to give customers the precise solution characteristics needed for their particular application. Nitrex nitrocellulose is produced in a range of viscosities to give formulators complete freedom to develop the properties they want.

Easy to handle Convenient packaging and storage
Nitrex nitrocellulose is manufactured and transported as cuboid granules wetted with a choice of water, isopropanol or ethanol. The product is free-flowing and virtually dust free, with only minimal solvent migration during transport and storage. Nitrex nitrocellulose is available in a range of packs from versatile 20 kg fibreboard cartons for manual handling to 136 kg fibreboard drums and 140 kg and 143 steel drums.

On-going research and development
Our team of dedicated professionals has the skills, commercial expertise and breadth of vision to evolve state-of the art products and services. We will continue to make your business needs our top priority. Know more

Product Commitment
  • Superior
  • Safe
  • Hige Performance
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