Testing Methods: Water in Dehydrated Nitrocellulose

2.1 Procedure

In a dry tared weighing bottle 1.0-1.5 gm of prepared sample is taken and weighed accurately. 5 ml of anhydrous methanol is added using a 5ml pipette. The bottle is fitted in the Karl Fisher titration assembly and the mix is titrated with K.F. reagent. A blank titration is also carried out with 5 mi anhydrous methanol without the sample.

% water in sample = [(Titre-Blank) x f] 10 x weight of sample

Where f is the factor for the K.F.reagent.

2.2 Determination of Factor for K.F. Reagent

In a tared weighing bottle 0.10-0.15 gm of sodium acetate is taken and weighed accurately. Titrate it with K.F. reagent until a first permanent reddish tinge is observed.

Factor, f (mg water/ml) = Weight of acetate x 0.397 x 1000 ml of K.F. reagent