Testing Methods: Solids Content in Dehydrated Nitrocellulose

1.1 Preparation of Sample

A representative sample of nitrocellulose is spread out on an aluminum tray and any aggregates are broken by rubbing the sample gently between the hands. The speed of handling is essential to avoid evaporation of the damping medium.

1.2 Procedure

Thirty to forty gm of the prepared sample are weighed into a tared aluminum dish with close fitting lid. The lid is removed and the dish is placed in a water jacketed oven maintained at 75-80oC. After 4 hours the dish is cooled in a dessicator, the lid fitted and the whole is weighed. The heating cycle is continued until constant weight is attained.

% solids (dry weight) = Loss in weight x 100 weight of sample taken

The dry nitrocellulose after test should be immediately wetted with water and destroyed.