Handling & Storage: Fire Fighting

  • In case of fire in nitrocellulose warehouse or handling area, immediate action must be taken to fight the fire as any nitrocellulose fire which remains uncontrolled for even short time could destroy the premises.
  • Water is the most effective fire extinguishing medium for nitrocellulose and should be used in large quantities.
  • Nitrocellulose burns fiercely when ignited releasing poisonous nitrous fumes and excessive heat. High temperature inside the drums of nitrocellulose will increase the pressure inside and may throw out the drum lid. Fire fighting may be done from a safe distance.
  • As burning of nitrocellulose gives off highly poisonous nitrous fumes, fire personnel must be warned to wear proper breathing apparatus.
  • Never attempt to fight a nitrocellulose fire which is at an advanced stage. Only professional fire fighters with adequate protective devices and proper fire fighting appliances shall be deployed for advanced nitrocellulose fire.
  • Keep fire fighting equipment in good condition. Ensure that all concerned are familiar with the available fire fighting equipment.