Handling & Storage: Disposal of Waste Nitrocellulose

  • All nitrocellulose spillage should be collected immediately. Any small spillage that is unsuitable for use should be completely wetted with water and transferred to metal container with a suitable cover and removed to a safe place.
  • Only wet nitrocellulose should be taken for destruction. Dry or partially dried material shall never be used.
  • Waste nitrocellulose may be destroyed by burning in small lots in a safe and isolated location. Complete burning of the waste nitrocellulose has to be ensured as partially burnt nitrocellulose is very dangerous. Nitrocellulose should not be burnt in an enclosed place/fier e.g. boiler, incinerator or other confined equipment.
  • Nitrocellulose also maybe destroyed chemically in small amounts by treating it with dilute caustic soda solution using a proper vessel in a well ventilated location. The slurry should be stirred until the nitrocellulose has been completely digested i.e. all of the nitrocellulose particles have been dissolved. The digested dark brown liquor can then be disposed off in accordance with local regulations.